(§1) Raiding On PVE servers:
Raiding, the destruction of structures (floors, walls, lockers, vehicles, doors, or any other type of structure), is expressly forbidden.
It’s strictly forbidden to attempt to raid a base or building. Any method to get on top or into other players bases and buildings are forbidden.
Raiding or troll raiding, deface of buildings or non-approved mounting of any structures or plates can be punished with a 7 days to a permanent ban.
The turning around of vehicles is not allowed since it belongs to bug using and is punished with a ban.

(§1.1) Raiding On PVP Servers:
Raiding on PVP servers is allowed.

(§2.1) Buildings in general on all Servers:
Unrealistic buildings are not allowed (e.g. air base unpillared mounting on towers or other similar high existing buildings).

(§2.2) Buildings on PVE:
Don’t build bases bigger then 4x3x3. Every base must have a sign with the name of the base owner on it. Only one base per player or group is allowed. If the group has 4 or more players two 4x3x3 bases are allowed, but the name of the group and all members in it has to be written on both bases. Bases that do not follow this rule will be shrinked/removed/destroyed.
Bases and Structures will be cleared after the owner of the structure is offline for a longer time (about 1 week).
Do not block the entrance of map buildings (any building that is part of the map) which are not civil buildings.

(§2.3) Building on Survival:
Do not block the entrances of map buildings which are not normal civil houses. In any military, medical, airport, construction site, supermarket and similar building can not be built.

(§2.5) Vehicles on PVE:
Vehicles on the PVE Servers must have a sign with the name of its owner on it. Otherwise they will be destroyed.

Vehicles are only allowed in Safezones for a short time.

(§3) Gameplay
Hacking or the use of third party software to get an unfair benefit or change gameplay mechanics is expressly forbidden!
Advertising or making other users aware of such software or content affiliated with such software is forbidden.

Combat logging or exiting the server to prevent a fight or the loss of items by other players (except PVE) is forbidden!
The use of bugs or glitches in the shop systems or any other ingame bug is forbidden.

(§4) Language
You must write or speak in English or German in public chat.
If after several warnings from a team member due to this rule be ignored, can lead to a 6 hour up to permanent ban, depending on how often you were warned.

(§5) Statement responsibility
You are responsible for anything you write or say.
It’s forbidden to insult or offend any human, nation or individual. Statements that are illegal in Europe/Germany are forbidden too.
Any try to scam, lie, cheat or similar, will get punished. Even if it’s just an attempt. This can lead up to a permanent ban.
It is not allowed to advertise other servers and or platforms in association with other servers.
Advertising or telling other players about websites that feature content violating these rules or European/German law is not allowed.
Spamming or actively advertising of any kind is not allowed.

(§6) Shop exploit abuse
The use of so-called “Shop exploits” (Increase of ingame Money -K- by using wrong set prices, tricks, etc in the ingame shop) is strictly prohibited! The abuse of such exploits can lead to money reduction or even a ban, depending on how much the exploit was exploited.

(§7) Purchases
Customers are not excluded from the server rules. They get punished like anybody else according to the rules. For customers, breaking the rules and getting permamently banned is their own fault, they will not be refunded.
Once you purchased a feature like Ranks, Kits, Money Packs etc, you can’t change them anymore.
Contents of the Ranks and Kits like Items are only meant for the account they get assigned. Giving them to other players isn’t allowed.
We are free to add/change/remove your purchased features, without any refund for you. The only way to buy features is using the Shop on our Website.

(§8) Group abuses
It is forbidden to use Steam groups of other players to raid them. Any negative use of Steam groups will be punished! If you are a victim of a raid using steam groups to destroy barricades/structures we will most likely not refund you, as we can not track what got destroyed in an evil manner. You are responsible of the actions of the people you let into your group.

(§9) Rule agreements
By playing on any Broetchen-Community server you agree with these rules. You have been informed that ignorance is no excuse and will not protect you from any punishment. Breaking any of the rules can give you a punishment from removing certrain ingame contents to a permanent ban from all servers.

(§10) Broetchen Server Staff Rules:
Staff members must always follow the rules and apply them correctly.
Staff members are forbidden to abuse their rights in-game to change the gameplay experience for the players, no matter if positively or negatively. Exceptions are if a player is in need of technical assistance or fallen victim to a bug or hacker or suffered any kind of in-game damage caused by non standard gameplay standards. In these cases the staff members are allowed to use their rights to return the items or damage done. Players have the responsibility to explain the exact details and provide sufficient proof to a staff member before a reimbursement can be made. The gameplay experience of a player stands above the staff members, meaning if a staff member suffers losses to keep rule breakers in line, they have the responsibility (!) to quit their own gameplay and to take actions against rule breakers, hackers etc. to ensure a good normal player gameplay experience. That also means staff members have to play defensive, friendly and not offensive that the gameplay of normal players doesn’t get much affected by staff members. The use of powers and/or commands like /maxskills,/tp, etc. which give the staff member an advantage are not allowed to be used when fighting other players. Staff members are also not allowed to give players or staff members any kind of permission/rank without the permit of one of the server owners. Staff members are not allowed to take money from customers or other people which want to give money to the server.

(§10.1)Broetchen Server Staff members PVP:
Staff members have to act passive, friendly and conservative in PVP. They aren’t allowed to hunt down players and should go a step back from the PVP action of other players, that the PVP Gameplay of the players doesn’t get much affected by the staff. Killing a player when attacked first is allowed as well as attacking a player first when they are near you (in your firing range without especially searching that player). Just let the players win sometimes or just don’t attack players too often.
Raiding bases or any kind of helping to raid bases or protecting the raiders is not allowed.

(§10.1.1) On Survival Staff members are only allowed to kill other players when the Staff member gets shot first or you are about to get attacked by another player. The provocation of other players and forcing them to attack is forbidden.
Raiding bases or any kind of helping to raid bases or protecting the raiders is not allowed.