[EU/GER] Broetchen-PVE [Kits|Vault|Shop|Feast]

IP: unturned.broetchen-community.net Port: 21444

[EU/GER] Broetchen-PVE#2 [Kits|Vault|Shop|Feast]

IP: unturned.broetchen-community.net Port: 20444

[EU/GER] Broetchen-PVE#3 [Kits|Vault|Shop|Feast]

IP: unturned.broetchen-community.net:25444

This server is for players who like to play with others without dying by other players hands. Players can’t kill other players, which is also good for new people.

The difficulty is in easy, which means that the zombies are not that hard to beat.

To get a better start you can use the Start Kits to get a small start equipment. And if you need more items you can buy them in the Shop, with the money you get for selling other items.

To support you looting, there are also airdrops/feasts where you can get alot of items.

PVE Server Commands

/pShows your permissions0
/tpa (player)Sends a teleport request with cost1300
/compassTells you your direction0
/pingShows your Ping0
/garageDisplays info about the virtual garage0
/gadd (Vehicle Name)Adds a vehicle to the virtual garage0
/glist Lists all vehicles in your virtual garage0
/gretrieve (Vehicle Name)Spawns a vehicle from your virtual garage0
/bnextlevel (Category)Buys new garage vehicle slots of the given category0
/tell (player) (message)Tells another player a message0
/stats (player)Shows your stats0
/onlineTells you how many players are online0
/rulesLinks to the rules0
/steamgroupLinks to our Steamgroup0
/websiteLinks to our Website0
/infoShows you information about the server0
/serversShows you our servers0
/teamspeakShows you our Teamspeak0
/kitsShows you the Kits0
/rankShows your rank0
/listLists the top 10 players0
/voteLets you Vote for the server0
/rewardGives you a reward for Voting0
/tpa (accept/deny)Accepts/Denies a TPA Request0
/balanceShows your Balance0
/pay (player) (amount)Sends money to another player0
/buy (Item) (amount)Lets you buy from the Shop30
/sell (Item) (amount)Lets you sell to the Shop30
/cost (Item)Checks the price of an item in the Shop0
/kit (Kitname)Gives you the Kit0
/vaultOpens your Vault0
/check (player)Checks a player for Godmode/Vanishmode10