[GER/EU] Broetchen-PvP [Kits|Vault|Ranks|Feast]

IP: unturned.broetchen-community.net Port:26444

[GER/EU] Broetchen-PvP#2 [Kits|Vault|Ranks|Feast]

IP: unturned.broetchen-community.net Port:29444

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[GER/EU] Broetchen-PvP#3 [Kits|Vault|Ranks|Feast]

IP: unturned.broetchen-community.net Port:31444

This is our PVP-Kits server as you can read from its description. Here you can choose from a variety of kits, ranging from the close-range Assault class, to the more hidden and camouflaged Sniper class.  However all kits cost money, which you get for kills, only the “free” kit is free.  More information about the Kits are down below.

With a short command, named /kits, you can choose what class you want to have, each one with it’s strenghts and weaknesses.

Survive as long as you can, maybe build a little base for you and your comrades, or be a lone wolf, hunting its prey.
Each kill rewards you with experience, which you can use to expand your skillset.

Further then that, there are also Airdrops! You can find weapons and gear overall to help you becoming the predator of the battlefield!

There is also a rank system which shows who is the ruler of the battlefield.

Gun Kits:

  • Free for 0 -K-
  • Pusher for 8 -K-
  • Recon for 15 -K-
  • Support for 17 -K-
  • Marksman for 18 -K-
  • Medic for 21 -K-
  • SWAT for 22 -K-
  • Assault for 23 -K-
  • Sniper for 25 -K-
  • Enforcer 65 -K-
  • Engineer for 50 -K-

Supply Kits:

  • Food for 5 -K-
  • Medicine for 8 -K-
  • Ammo for 9 -K-
  • Grenades for 30 -K-
  • Explosives for 120 -K-
  • Mines for 55 -K-
  • TankMissiles for 70 -K-
  • CarStuff for 30 -K-
  • Launcher for  70 -K-
  • Metal for 65 -K-

Vehicle kits:

  • Freevehicle for 0 -K-
  • Van for 30 -K-
  • Ural for 50 -K-
  • Humvee for 65 -K-
  • APC for 75 -K-
  • APC2 for 75 -K-
  • Tank for 85 -K-
  • Huey for 85 -K-
  • Sandpiper for 90 -K-
  • Orca for 90 -K-
  • Hind for 100 -K-
  • Jet for 130 -K-

Kit PVP Server Commands

/KitsShows all kits you can use0
/Kit (kitname)Gives you a kit0
/tpa (player)Sends a teleport request with cost1300
/PShows your permissions0
/CompassShows the direction you are facing0
/Tell (player) (text)Lets you send a private chat message0
/pingShows your ping0
/Onlinelists all online players0
/RulesShows the most important server rules0
/ServersShows all of our servers0
/TeamspeakShows our Teamspeak3 server IP0
/Rank (player)Shows the player’s rank0
/kit bulidGives you buliding materials0
/compassShows your direction0
/statsShows your Stats0
/rankShows your Rank0
/listDisplays the top 10 players0
/steamgroupLinks to our Steamgroup0
/websiteLinks to our Website0
/infoGives you information to the server0
/voteLets you vote for the server0
/rewardGives you a reward after voting0
/tpa (accept/deny)Accepts/Denies a TPA request0
/pay (player) (amount)Give some of your Money to another player0
/balanceShows your money0
/vaultOpens your Vault0
/check (player)Checks players for Godmode/Vanishmode10