Give us your ideas and feedback. Also tell us what you like and don’t like!

The best Ideas will be implemented ingame!

65 thoughts on “Your Ideas and feedback

  1. aljay says:

    i have a question regarding of the id numbers here. its not the same in the steam community guide in there numbering of id of the items. i would like to know the list of id numbers available in ur server the russia easy mode server. thank you

  2. larsmoeller says:

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

    I have a suggestion for explicitly the Survival-Server of BroetchenCommunity 🙂 My friends and me are playing active every day since two months now on the servers, helping newbies and expanding our military force – The time has come where our team has collected much money and stuff which is worth millions. Many players and our team would very much like to have some better equipment in the shop available… We met in Discord and talked a little bit if there is a workshop item, which isn’t unrealistic and fits BroetchenCommunity without blowing capacity. We would very kindly ask, if we you could consider to add one workshop-item to the server. If most of these vehicles would be availabe at the shop, farming and earning money on the server would make more sense and the motivation of both new and already more experienced players would rise. Link:

    I would be very happy if you’d spend some of your valuable time to check this item and to consider adding it to your awesome server. These new vehicles combined with the already existing events on the server would make it one of the most unique and best servers currently existing. Thank you and have a good day!

    Yours, Lars

  3. Torstrup97 says:

    sooo im trying to get on your pve server (germany) but i keep geting this error that i dont understand
    – YOUR files are missing a coustum barricade asset this server is using –

    idk wat is wrong and how to fix it ??

  4. KWhardy86 says:

    New bigger map for Survival?

    Hi there, i love your servers and the services you provide. Is there a possability to create a survival server on a larger map then the ones you currently have? The ones there are now are filled with bases wich isnt bad but on a larger map these bases would be more scattered around and would be more difficult to find. wich makes it harder and in my opinion harder is better and more fun.

    I see alot of people recommending the map “The driftless” wich is 4 times bigger then russia.

  5. RAMBO says:

    it says:Your account is not allowed to post in Broetchen Community Group discussions.
    also someone stole my dinghy idk how it happend this is on pve1

    • RAMBO says:

      oh and also i don’t know how to connect or use teamspeak3
      i writted the id and doesn’t work
      also saying something about server password too weak we reccomend lvl 12

  6. RAMBO says:

    i have a question my name in game its RAMBO .
    why i can’t write in steam group ? just at broetchen?
    and why i can’t enter server PVE1 since today ? are you updating?

    • BeRtRoLlT says:

      The servers are updated. I don’t realy understand what you mean with “why i can’t write in steam group ? just at broetchen?”, please explain.

  7. DeathFromAbove says:


    Could it be possible to obtain the list of vehicle + cost for the PVE server ? Same for items ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • BeRtRoLlT says:

      There is not really a list. But mostly vehicles and items are in the shop. If you want to check for items just do /cost itemid.

  8. Phantom says:

    You need anti grief on the pve server. In the last 2 days, my base has been raided, a jetski blown up, my tyres slashed on my quad, and now even with it parked in the safe zone, the little cretins have found a way to grief it, so it now lies on his side, with no way for me to correct it. As you walk around the map, there’s just raided bases everywhere. I have now built a base in deep water, far from the shore to hide.

      • Phantom says:

        On Hawaii. Maybe it was a bug then, but all my doors and lockers were gone. The only problem Im having now is my blowtorches aren’t repairing, which has affected some peeps and not others from what I can make out in chat.

  9. TaHaZeN says:

    Lets give rewards for the top 3 in the arena server every week or month. Skins or special commands or some in game money.

    • BeRtRoLlT says:

      Its not possible to find the Top players of the arena server, as the stats and score are not server specific. They are Community wide.

  10. GermanWars says:

    Ein WW2 Arena Server wäre ziemlich geil, ich spiele recht aktiv auf dem normalen ww2 Server würde mich aber wirklich über eine Arena freuen.

  11. Cyborg says:

    I would suggest that every once in a while (like 2-3 days or so) admins and (or) moderators come in game like in pack couple of them and remove unecesarry buildings and vehicles. I see alot of unused vehicles that stay put on one place for couple of days now, and i see alot of buildings that are used on server to block other buildings (for example raid stairs, plates that are put on buildings, etc…). I think that action every couple of days should prevent fps drop of every player on server.
    And mostly im pointing on PVE server.

  12. mahmoud says:

    it will be better to add a vote page on the website
    and like a add on servers /vote for more info and ih they vote they can get some money

  13. mahmoud says:

    i have a idea for donators that they can “custom kit” thats where they say the id’s they want and they could maybe have a vehicle

      • BeRtRoLlT says:

        These custom kits would be to op for low donations. And also its alot of work we Have to make a new permissions group for every new custom kit.

    • BeRtRoLlT says:

      I like the idea that the players don’t know when the next Feast is. Also we removed the feasts because of unturneds new airdrops.

  14. mahmoud says:

    i think it will be cool for adding a /save and /load command for one of the servers and i dont know what is the cooldown but it will be good
    /save for saving ur invintory and /load for loading ur saved inventory

  15. Not Cannabis says:

    It would be cool if in PvE server there would be one day, every month, when its switched to PvP. Just like in the movie Purge. I thought that it’d be pretty cool, not for raiding, but getting people to use their weapons for what they’re meant- killing not only zombies, but some players too. In the other days they could prepare for this, and when the day comes they’re ready!!

    • BeRtRoLlT says:

      Yes but i think some players may not like this. Maybe we will find a way to make this and make that anyone understands the event

      • Nonamehero says:

        Well, you could make it like a temporary event, like once the event is done you could rollback the server, so no one loses anything. It’ll be pure fun. And to notify players your could state a message on the server about the event and post it in the community page on steam =) Hope that helps.

  16. Rock7990 says:

    Ok So In PVE Server there is a lot of people complaining about being raided I tough to myself maby you can like make the building so storng that they can never be broken exept from the oweners of that building so people cant raid them So yea hope you add that

    • Rock7990 says:

      + Forgot to tell you make that people can remove buildings faster please because if people get raided and they have a base with metal and they want to build it again and remove the metal base they made before it would be hard and it would take a long time to remove the metal base so yea hope this helpers PVE Server

  17. Felix says:

    I got an idea for a kit on the Kit pvp server. there is this game called splintercell where the main caracter has a silenced pistol and a lot of cool gear like flashbangs and nades if it was in unturned. i would like it as a kit where you get fx: military night vision goggles, a good pistol with a silencer and a laser sight, maybe also some grenades of some sort. i don’t know how much -K- it would cost, but if you decide to get it as a kit then it is your choice.
    Thanks if you do 😉

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