Live Events:

There are currently two live events. The first one is the Horde event and the second one is Paintball Arena. For more information about these events scroll down below!



Are these events free?

Of course, they are! All of our events are completely free. All off the stuff you need for the events will be provided by our staff.


Live/Past Events

Our past events are Race Friday and Hide and Seek. If you wish to see them back on our servers you can notify us via the ideas button below, our Teamspeak3/Discord server or our Steam group!

Paintball Event

Paintball event is a team based event where 2 teams of 3 players (max) fight each other with paintball guns in an arena we have built. The event will take place on the Survival#1 France server every Saturday at 19:00 CET/CEST.

The arena is built in the Ardennes Forest in the middle of the map. The arena has structures and different barricades inside of it for you to take cover or get a better vantage point but be careful there are also traps that you may step in if you are not careful enough!

All equipment will be provided by the staff, so you do not have to worry about not owning a paintball gun. We will also give you team-coloured clothing and ammunition for the duration of the event (red or blue).

Do not worry if you do not have a team to play with in the event. We will put you in a team with other teamless players for the event.

All the rules have been written inside the event building. Intentional cheaters will be disqualified from the current game. The staff will be acting as referees and watching the entire event in a white uniform.

The event is pure PvP and the team who is the last one standing wins. It does not matter if you die as long as everyone from your team does not. There are NO respawns.

Every player from the team will get the same prizes

1st place team: 50 000 -k-+ (a gun of our choosing)

2nd place team: 40 000 -k- + (a gun of our choosing) 

Past Race Friday events

Here you can find all of the previous Race Friday events. Your winners from Week 3 are:

-Fatality 1st place

-Light 2nd place

-Weedy 3rd place

Congratulations! (for more pictures check the gallery down bellow)

Tune in next Friday, where we will have another race! Don’t miss it!

Horde Event

As the name says, we are doing multiple horde beacons with all of you guys. This event will take place usually on PvE#2 Russia at Shereyavo International. You only need a chainsaw for the event, since shooting zombies creates too much lag. Only staff members are allowed to shoot spitter and fire zombies. The goal of this event is to get free experience points and free loot! That’s right, after the finishing the horde beacon, each participant gets loot from the horde beacon. The staff will take none. To be ready for these events, go to our Steam Group for more information about the exact hour.

Past Horde Events

We would like to inform you Horde Saturdays are back! We have succesfuly completed the event. Thank you for everyone that came! See you next week!
(for more pictures check our gallery down below!)

Staff Outfit

This is the outfit that the staff will wear at the event. This is the reason you will not see the Coalition outfit in the shop. You will recognize Admins/Moderators/Supporters by the Coalition uniform that they will be wearing.

Have ideas for future events click me!