[GER/EU] Broetchen-Arena [Vault|Shop|Ranks|TS3]

IP: unturned.broetchen-community.net Port:27444

[GER/EU] Broetchen-Arena#2 [Vault|Shop|Ranks|TS3]

IP: unturned.broetchen-community.net Port:30444

On this server, like any other arena server, you can show your dominance in combat by collecting weapons and ammonition, Bandages and Medkits, aswell as Alicepacks to expand your inventory space.

You can climb the arena ladder because killing your enemies will rank you up slowly.

You gain -K-, which is the currency of our arena server. With that currency you can buy items in the arena shop, even before hitting the battlefield!

For kills on different bodytypes like arms, legs, body and head you get different amounts of -K-. Executing your foes with a headshot is the best way to get money in this slaughterhouse!

Arena Server Commands

/PShows your permissions0
/tpa (player)Sends a teleport request with cost1300
/compassTells you the direction you are facing0
/pingShows your ping0
/onlineTells you how many players are online0
/rulesLeads you to the rules0
/steamgroupLeads you to our Steamgroup0
/websiteShows our Website0
/infoGives you a small Serverinfo0
/checkChecks others for God and Vanishmode10
/serversShows all of our Servers0
/teamspeakShows you our Teamspeak0
/rankTells you your rank0
/listShows the Top-Ten players0
/stats (player)Displays your Stats0
/voteLets you vote for the Servers0
/rewardGives you a reward after voting0
/kitsDisplays the Kits0
/tell (player) (message)Lets you send a private message0
/tpa (accept/deny)Accept or Deny a TPA request0
/balanceShows your current balance0
/pay (player) (amount)Lets you send money to another player0
/buy (itemID)Buy items from the Shop30
/sell (itemID)Sell Items to the Shop30
/cost (itemID)Check how much a certain item costs0
/vaultOpens your Vault0